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Environment monitoring report I

This is a summary of the deliverable DD1.2.1, that shows the values of the environmental indicators, for a sound development of the project. The values shown are the values of the indicators which starting date for follow- up is earlier than the present report.

These indicators are three, all related with the characteristics of the soil, in the field 1 (P1): pH of the soil, breathing of the soil, and organic matter content. The values obtained show that there has not been a significant change in these parameters, although it is expected that they will change during the project.

This deliverable shows the established monitoring protocol (Annex 1) for the environmental indicators of the project, as defined in action A2, in the deliverable DA 2.1 (Report including the monitoring indicators of the project). Nevertheless, it should be clarified that some indicators have been modified because of the project implementation. Thus, they have been adapted to monitor better the actions they are referred to. Indeed, the indicators of a project are dynamic and may be modified according to the issues they define, without any reduction in the monitoring tasks.

For each defined indicator, the protocol details: the starting monitoring date, the monitoring frequency, and the partner responsible of the indicator, and the sources for verification (Table 2 of Annex 1).

In addition, for each group of indicators, there is another table which indicates when each indicator should be determined along the project lifetime, depending on the established monitoring frequency. In these table (Table 3 of Annex 1), grey cells indicate that the indicator is not going to be evaluated in this period, and cells with X correspond to periods in which the indicator will be evaluated.

As part of the monitoring protocol, for every indicator evaluated, a data sheet (Annex 2) will be completed with all data gathered for the indicator, the evolution of the values of the indicator, the initial value, and any relevant information related to it, including a summary of the problems encountered and comments regarding the indicators, an evaluation and conclusions, and any supporting information for the calculations.