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Supervision procedure of the dissemination actions

This is a summary of the deliverable DD2.0, the protocol that determines the indicators for monitoring the actions related to dissemination E1, E2, E3 and E4 actions, reinforces the supervision of La UNIO and establishes de reports objectives and frequency.

The specific objectives of this protocol are to measure and to evaluate how dissemination is taking place in order to analyze if the used tools are reaching the expected results, and to implement corrective measures if necessary. 

The responsible to carry out this supervision is LA UNIO. 

1.1.             Monitoring indicators

Three kind of indicators are used: 

  • Operational / performance indicators: defined to monitor the project’s dissemination impact. These indicators are measured in all the monitoring reports. These indicators are the ones evaluated in E1, E2 and E4 actions.

The operational/performance indicators are the following: 

Table 1: Operational/performance indicators


For action E1: Public awareness and dissemination of results

-          Number of notice boards printed and exposed

-          Number of brochures printed and distributed

-          Number of newsletters created and sent

-          Appearances in TV

-          Appearances in Radio

-          Number of press releases written and sent

-          Roller ups made and exposed

-          Scientific articles written and published

-          Internet posts written and published

-          Number of events organized by the project

-          Number of conferences organized and attended

-          Number of Fairs organized and attended

-          Attendance to Green Week

-          Social networks: Facebook and Twitter followers

For action E2: Networking

-      Number of visits/contacts with other Life projects

For E4: Website

-          Number of visits

-          Participation in other websites


  • Indicators for measuring impact of events organized in the project framework: collected as a survey to the people attending to any project’s event, they measure the utility and knowledge obtained.
  • LIFE indicators: integrated in the LIFE indicators database, they measure the quantitative communication results. 

1.2.             Monitoring and evaluation reports

Three kind of reports are presented: 

  • Monitoring reports: semi-annually, these reports detail the activities carried out in that time frame, relating them to the Communication Plan and quantifying their impact by incorporating the operational indicators.
  • Evaluation reports: these reports establish annual evolution of the project in terms of dissemination and in accordance with the performance indicators. They compile the dissemination activities, evaluate their progress and propose corrective measures if necessary. The evaluation reports also consider the indicators for measuring impact of events organized in the project framework.
  • Dissemination conclusions report: this final report will evaluate all the dissemination activities considering its value for the EU, from the perspective of replicability and transferability. It will also consider the LIFE indicators.