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Dissemination activities evaluation

This report summarizes the deliverable DD2.0.0, which main objectives are:

- To verify the way the dissemination activities are taking place

- To monitor the evolution of communication activities through the indicators developed in the supervision protocol.

LIFE FERTILIFE is a changing project, in the sense that it is in continuous evolution, mainly in the field of dissemination activities. The project includes main activities, such as events organized by the own consortium members, and also side activities to support the main ones that are having a greater than expected impact.

The period covered by this evaluation is from October 2015 to March 2017. This period corresponds to the first phase of the project, prior to getting results, so the dissemination effort has focused on publicizing the objectives of the project.

The dissemination is having a great success. The project is easily understandable by different target groups, from farmers to scientific community, although in the case of farmers it has been necessary to "translate" the message into a simpler language. That extra effort has been very useful, it has not only created a favourable atmosphere for the project in the agrarian community, but also has allowed us to learn about what tools are really useful to spread the message to different audiences and what to highlight.

Once the agrarian community was sensitized and fine-tuned the message, we launched a second phase of awareness, this time addressed to the scientific-technical community and the public institutions attending different events or using the institutional contacts of the consortium partners. The conclusions of meetings and events are always the same: LIFE FERTILIFE is easy to understand and generates very good expectations.

In qualitative terms we highlight that:

  1. All the actions carried out are getting the expected results.
  2. Actions like posters, press releases and media impact, as well as event attendance are above the expected results in this first phase.
  3. Regarding action E2, contacts with other three LIFE projects in our Region have been established, related to the fight against climate change (Co2Formare), with complementary aspects such as circular economy in citrus cultivation (Ecocitric) or with crops irrigation (Irrilife).

After this initial stage, the following steps will be more intense, but easier to get, since the expectations generated can be confirmed with data. All this will reinforce the message for replication and transferability.