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Monitoring report of the dissemination activities impact I

This report summarizes the deliverable DD2.1, that shows the development of actions E1 and E4 during the period from October 2015 to March 2016.

In summary, the actions carried out have been the following: 

1.1 Action E1: Public awareness and dissemination of results

Kick off meeting. The aim of the Kick Off Meeting was to establish what, who, when, how and for what the project was finally approved. It was held on October the 14th,2015. 

  • Events and meetings for dissemination: 17 meetings including farmers, different sections of LA UNIÓ, press media representatives and an Infoday in the ceramic sector. The aim was to disseminate the project, to involve both sectors in the development of the project and to establish a favourable platform of prescription in the entire region. Furthermore, two of them were preparatory meetings for establishing future collaborations and networking. Impact: The number of people attending was 248. 
  • Press releases and coverage: First press release of the project, developed by ITC. 10 different media published news following this press reléase.
  • Social networks: Definition and set up.

- Facebook: 15 likes.

- Twitter: @fertilife and hastag #fertilife. 54 followers.

  • Design of the logotype and corporative image of the Project.
  • Specialized publications: LIFE FERTILIFE has won recognition as good practice in the publication "Catalog of good practice in responsible innovation" of the Club of Excellence in Sustainability. The Club of Excellence in Sustainability is a business association composed of a group of large companies that are committed to sustainable growth from the economic, social and environmental point of view.
  • Communication Plan: The Communication plan is the basic tool on which all Project dissemination work is planned. Its first version has been validated and is attached separately as a deliverable.

1.2 Action E4: Website

  • Web site: Definition and set up: (English and Spanish versions).72 visits. Objective: To show the project, its objectives and results as well as any news related to it. It is the referent of the project in terms of dissemination.