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Monitoring report of the dissemination activities impact II

This report summarizes the deliverable DD2.2, that shows the development of actions E1 and E4 during the period from April 2016 to September 2016.

In summary, the actions carried out have been the following:

1.1 Action E1: Public awareness and dissemination of results

  1. A) Events:
  1. June,24th, 2016: Presentation of the project to the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces: Attendants: Ramón Manpel (General Secretary of LA UNIÓ), José Castro (LA UNIÓ´s project coordinator) and Vicent Gil (Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces).
  2. June 29th-30th, 2016. Presentation of LIFE FERTILIFE within the International Vision 2020 Helix Event ( Organizer: ITC. Collaborators: Red Vision 2020 and Climate Kic. Presentation by José Castro of LA UNIÓ. Attendants: 15 European universities and technology centers.
  3. July 14th, 2016. Regional LIFE Infoday, Luis Vives Business School. Presentation of LIFE FERTILIFE project. Organizers: Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Generalitat Valenciana, COCI Valencia, Red IT and Seimed. Speaker: Jose Tarazona (SAE) Attendants of the LIFE FERTILIFE consortium: Elena Uviedo (ASCER) and José Castro (LA UNIÓ), Attendants: 75 people. Number of LIFE projects: 22.
  4. September,9th-10th, 2016. Livestock and Farming Fair at Morella city. 20,000 visitants. Specific presentation of the LIFE FERTILIFE project by Ramón Manpel (General Secretary LA UNIÓ) to Ms Elena Cebrian (Regional Ministry for Agriculture, Environment and Climate Change) and Mr Rhamsés Ripollés (Mayor of Morella).
  5. September,20th, 2016. Presentation of the LIFE FERTILIFE project to the research teams: DREMAP (Institute of Materials Technology) of the Valencia Polytechnic University and Mintota (miniaturization group and total methods of the University of Valencia.
  1. B) Social networks: Twitter: 58 new followers. Facebook: 10 new likes.

1.2 Action E4: Website

Website: The website of the project is fully operational and can be checked at: The number of new visits in this period has been 350.