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Monitoring report of the dissemination activities impact III

This report summarizes the deliverable DD2.3, that shows the development of actions E1, E2 and E4 during the period from October 2016 to March 2017.

In summary, the actions carried out have been the following: 

1.1  Action E1: Public awareness and dissemination of results 

Coverage: 16 press media and 2 radio interviews.

The most relevant appearances can be seen at: http://www.fertilife- 

1.2  Action E2: Networking 

      • Networking: 3 meetings.
        • Networking with the Irrilife project ( ) The project aims to develop a system for the dissemination and dosing of pesticides (pesticides and other substances) in an irrigation network in use. The objectives were to exchange experiences and to promote environmentally efficient irrigation systems which in turn allows the dissemination of the experience of industrial CO2 capture.

Link: jornada-de-networking-en-valencia

        • Conference presentation of results and Networking with the ECO-CITRIC project ( ). Life Ecocitric has proved, thanks to the work carried out in its pilot plant, the feasibility of the integral management of waste from citrus pruning. The objective of networking with this project is to focus on the cultivation of citrus as a carbon sink and the possibility of establishing alliances for future projects. Attendants: 40.

Link: fertilife-in-networking-of-the-ecocitric-project

        • Visit to the demonstrator of the Life CO2Formare project ( at the Castellón Combined Cycle Plant, which seeks to promote environmental protection through the efficient use of CO₂ produced in thermal power stations. The meeting was for exchanging experiences among projects.

Link: en-una-jornada-de-networking-en-valencia 

1.3  Action E4: Website 

Website: The website of the project is fully operational at . The number of new visits in this period has been 767.