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Communication Plan

This document is a summary of the deliverable DE1.0, the Communication Plan of the LIFE FERTILIFE project, which objective is to disseminate the results and the experience acquired to all stakeholders and to promote the implementation of this new technology for CO2 capture.

The communication plan has defined, at first, the specific message addressed to each target group, which is essential for a communication plan. After that, the Communication Plan establishes how the different tools defined in the project will be used to maximize the message impact. Finally, the planned activities are scheduled in a table as a main guide.

This focus on the message instead of on the tools for communication is the result of planning each action keeping in mind the target group that it is addressed to. The starting point for planning a communication action will always be the target group, and afterwards the tools will be chosen.

The main points of the Communication Plan are:

The message to be transferred to different target groups:

  • To public administration: The key message to be communicated is: "The LIFE FERTILIFE project offers an example of good environmental practice and fight against climate change. It is a solution that improves the industrial and agricultural competitiveness at the local, regional and national level, since it is comparatively cheaper than the purchase of emission rights by the industry. In addition, in agricultural terms, it reduces the use of inputs and therefore the costs. LIFE FERTILIFE makes industrial and agricultural production more sustainable. Their support in financial terms and their ability to implement resources to replicate and expand this experience on a larger scale is essential.
  • To the professional sectors, both ceramic and agricultural: The key message to be communicated is: "We are a good practice that demonstrates that fight against climate change does not represent an industrial or agrarian cost, on the contrary, the innovation we propose will bring direct benefits and will result in a new image and visibility”.
  • To the scientific and technical community: The key message to be communicated is: "Research and innovation allow us to tackle environmental problems linked to climate change. Our results show that it is possible to capture CO2 with relatively simple technological applications, but we are aware that they can be improved to obtain even better results, we offer to advance in this field of experimentation and serve as the basis for future research”.
  • To entities related to environment and nature protection: The key message to be communicated is: “We need you. The LIFE FERTILIFE project contributes to sustainable development, the fight against climate change and the circular economy and its support is essential to create a favourable atmosphere for this kind of pioneer initiatives of collaboration between economic sectors”.
  • To the citizenship in general: The key message to be communicated is: "It is not true that you cannot do something against climate change" every time you buy ceramic or citrus products, think if your purchase contributes to that fight, Valencian products are trying to do it.

B. The tools reach the target groups:

  • Public administration: The key tools we will use are:
  1. Press releases
  2. Newsletters
  3. Public relations
  4. Events for public presentation of results
  • Professional sector: The key tools we will use are:
  1. Events for public presentation of the project and its results.
  2. Specific conferences
  3. Press releases
  4. Public relations
  5. Fairs
  6. Technological network communications
  7. Web site
  • Scientific and technical community: The key tools we will use are:
  1. Specific conferences
  2. Specific congress attendance
  3. Press releases
  4. Green Week
  5. Newsletters
  6. Public relations
  7. Networking (E2)
  8. Articles in specialized magazines
  • Entities related to the environment and nature protection: The key tools we will use are:
  1. Events for public presentation of results
  2. Media dissemination (Tv, Radio and press)
  • Citizenship in general: The key tools we will use are:
  1. Surveys about socio-economic impact
  2. Merchandising
  3. Web site
  4. Notice boards