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Issuance of dissemination materials

In order to promote the extension and replicability of the project’s results and conclusions to the interested people, several materials have been edited and published. This document collects these dissemination materials as described in deliverable DE1.1.

The dissemination materials are:

  1. Flyer: including the project’s main ideas.
  2. Notice board: to be used in events and in the partners’ headquarters. The Notice boardcontains the basic information of the project. Two formats have been printed: A1, which will mainly reside in the headquarters of each of the members of the consortium and A3, which is easily portable to events in order to give visibility to the project.
  3. Roller: portable graphic display that is taken to events, conferences and meetings.
  4. Merchandising: promotional objects that are distributed among the participants of all the events that are organized in order to give dissemination and impact to the project:
  • Raffia bag
  • Led lamp
  • Travel rest kit
  • Methacrylate ruler

Some of these materials are downloadable through the project website: