Temporal situation of the project

Action 2015 2016 2017 2018
Id. Name of the action I II III IV I II III IV I II III IV I II III IV
A Preparatory actions
A 1 State of the Art and Technology in the fields of knowledge of the project.
A 2 Establishment of indicators for monitoring the project
B Purchase, lease of land and/or compensation payments for use rights
C Implementation actions
C 1 Research and development of different technologies for capturing CO2 with water for irrigation use
C 2 Development and Implementation of a technology for dispensing the desired concentrations of CO2 in an irrigation network and send it to a particular area
C 3 Construction of a pilot in a real industrial plant where the CO2 emitted is captured and used for irrigation of agricultural plantation production. Start up and testing
C 4 Finally, the whole system will be analyzed, the data obtained will be evaluated and the technical, economic and environmental aspects of the whole process will be assessed
D Transversal actions
D 1 Technical, Economic and Environmental Impact
D 2 Impact of Dissemination Tasks
D 3 Socio-Economic Impact
E Dissemination actions
E 1 Public awareness and outreach
E 2 Networking
E 3 Layman Report
E 4 Website
F Management actions
F 1 General management
F 2 Follow-up of the experimental development
F 3 Audit
F 4 After LIFE
F 5 Indicators